Published on 03/09/2017 6:45 am
Top 8 Reasons Why Should Make a Visit To Isan

Have you ever been to Thailand before! And you have visited throughout the country! Think again! But as per my thought, until you have explored Isaan, you have not seen a half of Thailand. Isan is a least-visited and most fascinating region of Thailand that worths a visit!

Isan, also written as Issan, Esan, Esarn, Isarn or Isaan, the North-Eastern Thailand is situated on Khorat Plateau and encircled by the Mekong River (Along the Laos border) to the east and north, Cambodia to the southeast and the Prachinburi mountains to the south.

It’s no more a secret that why travelers love Thailand! In simple words, Thailand is one of the most culturally rich places on the planet and is enjoying a tropical weather year-round. In fact, the abundant natural beauty, spectacular beaches, delicious cuisines, vibrant cultures and friendly locals offer this place, an exceptional value!

Even if you have visited thousand times, but you have not experienced Thailand fully until you have been to Isaan! But a question arises, why you should visit Isaan? Here, I have got the answers!

Huge Area Of Thailand

With 160,000 square kilometer area, Issan is approximately half of the size of Germany and around one third of Thailand as a whole. As the entire region of Isaan depends upon agriculture, so you will get to see more number of paddy fields throughout the area.

High Population

Over 20 million people are living in Isan and uncountable numbers f ‘Khon Isan’ (People from Isaan) are residing everywhere in the country. Roughly, it’s said that one third of Thailand’s population is from this region. One interesting fact is that if you want to understand the Thail culture, then it’s highly recommended to go to its source.

Delicious Food Hub

With the Lao and Khmer influence, Isaan offers most delicious and ethnically diverse varieties of dishes to taste. If you love eating spicy food, Issaan food can be the best option to taste! If you have been to Thailand before and eaten Thai food, you can know instantly, the Papaya Salad or Som Tum, it’s one of the pervasive dishes across the country.

Stunning Architecture

The entire area of Isan is riddled with magnificent temples. It can’t be wrong to say that Isaan is a home to the most impressive architecture of the country. You are not convinced! The Wat Phra Maha Chedi Chai Mongkol will validate my statement for sure! Apart from this, the tallest standing Buddha statue across Thailand based at Wat Buraphraphiram is completely an impressive structure!

Full of Spectacular Landscapes

Being a home to the so-called ‘Grand Canyon of Thailand’, Isaan has handful landscapes that every tourist loves to visit the most! A few of them include Martian landscape, Sam Phan Bok, Ubon Ratchathani and many more!

Home To Exquisite Lao-Isaan Culture

Though, Isaan people are proud of their unique culture, but one more interesting fact, adding to this is that their cultures are somehow not Thai, as the wide arrays of Isaan people are ethnically from Laos. However, the reflections of both the cultures have on their cuisines, music and other cultural elements. But what makes Issaan culture distinct is the fact that it’s an amalgam of three cultures like Thai, Laos and Khmer!

Incredibly Inexpensive

Although Isaan is a home to the fastest growing economy of Thailand, but it’s still the poorest region throughout the country. As per my experiences and a few visitor’s opinions, most things in Isaan can be available at an incredible value! As compared to Phuket, Pattaya and other Thailand tourist hubs, tourists find in Issaan that the prices are quite affordable!

Located Pretty Close To Bangkok

Well, Issaan is a short drive away from the frenetic urban chaos of Bangkok. It will take around 45 minutes flight, which isn’t likely to spend your whole day through Ubon Ratchathani or Udon Thani!

You can’t say you have seen it all, until you have been to Isaan! If you love visiting and want to kick start this holiday vacation to Thailand, Isaan is literally one of the best travel experience that you can have throughout your life! No matter how many times you have visited Thailand before, you can never say you’ve seen at all until you have been to this gem of the region and experienced it first hand!

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