Published on 07/13/2017 2:28 pm
Tips to Make the Best out of Isaan Tour

Bordered by Cambodia and Laos, Isaan – the scorching-hot land of Northeast Thailand comprises of around a third of the country and is the home to nearly third of its population. When traveling Thailand on vacation, you can enjoy driving in Isaan and get big smiles, curious questions and general concerns from the locale.

The landscape is mostly flat, but there are a huge number of lively festivals and ancient temples to make your visit worth the effort. Here are a few best reasons explaining why you should visit Isaan during your vacation and how it will make you fall in love with Thailand:

Small Town Thai Charm –

Isaan is the magnificent land of unique characters, wooden buildings, and dusty roads. You can reach this place by driving only a couple of hours from Bangkok. You can take a chauffeured or self-drive Isaan car hire to get the most out of your Thailand vacation. No matter wherever you travel around Isaan, you will be able to experience unique small town Thai charm for sure.

Authentic Thai Music –

Isaan is a place where music is as deep as religion. Isaan music features a hypnotic rhythm for a fun-filled vacation. No matter what, you will have lots of fun in the small towns of Isaan. If you want to have a great dose of authentic Isaan music, you should consider visiting the Pleang Pin wooden restaurant – located outside Khon Kaen on Saturday nights.

The Ultimate Khmer Influence –

The age-old history runs deep into Isaan as it’s the home to hundreds of ancient ruins and monuments scattered along the route – known as the “Angkor Road”. The southern part of Isan boasts spectacular history and culture to spice up your visit to this splendid part of Thailand. In fact, the famous sites like Phanom Rung, Pimai are considered as one of the finest Khmer ruins. Even you can visit lesser known gems like Prasat Phnom Wan in Korat Province or Prasat Muang Tam in Buriram – these sites are equally appealing. In order to know more about these ruins, you will need to see them yourself.

Conclusion –

At the end, Isan has the ability to make you feel like a traveler. With picturesque sightings, mountains, rivers and food and music, this is the place you can experience the real Thailand. Fortunately, the region has a plenty of things to be discovered while choosing an Esarn car hire at Khaoyai Car Rental. Our Isan car hire option offers a variety of vehicles to best suit your ground transportation needs – including sedans, SUVs, minivans, hatch back, 4WD and trucks. All our vehicles are perfectly maintained and are available with full paperwork and insurance. So, why are you waiting for! Instead, you should take advantage of hiring a self-drive Isan car hire through our easy and simple online booking portal!

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